2011 Flight for Life
Scene Call of the Year Award

FFL Award

The award was earned by the Plymouth Fire Department for a July 7, 2011 incident in which the Plymouth Fire Department was dispatched to a head-on vehicle crash involving a semi-trailer truck and a car. The car was very badly damaged and the driver was critically injured. The car also was leaking a large amount of fluid, posing a severe safety risk. Firefighters worked quickly to control and contain the fluid, then began the very extensive extrication process. Plymouth Ambulance Service also helped stabilize the injured driver during the extrication process, and the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department and Plymouth Police Department secured the area. After an extremely difficult extrication, the driver was freed from the vehicle and loaded into a Flight For Life helicopter for rapid transportation to a trauma center.

The award was presented during Plymouth's Public Safety Night on July 26, 2012.
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FFL Award

About Flight for Life's Scene Call of the Year Award

Flight for Life's Scene Call of the Year awards are given annually to department's who have summoned Flight for Life to the scene of a extrordinarilly difficult emergency. The calls are examined for scene safety, triage decisions, complex planning and accident scene management, integration of the helicopter into the call, and use of skills that went beyond the call of duty to treat the patient. The calls are evaluated by a panel of judges based on the guidelines developed by the American College of Surgeons for using air medical transport.